If you are facing suffering, difficult decisions, or a crisis in your life, the Community Church of Hokah offers help through our Biblical Counseling Ministry.

Biblical counseling differs from secular counseling in that we can rely on the truths of the Bible to bring understanding and solutions, and to discover how to live with joy and hope. We have found God’s Word in the Bible effective to navigate life’s troubles, provide guidance for human problems, and find hope amid suffering.

Biblical Counseling Mission

By recognizing God’s sovereign hand in all human experience, searching the Word of God for insight, and praying for the guidance of the Holy Spirit, Biblical Counselors come alongside those who face suffering or trouble and support them as they pursue God’s path of love, obedience, fellowship, and victory in Jesus Christ.

Biblical Counselor - James Knoop

Pastor James Knoop holds a Masters in Counseling from Westminster Theological Seminary. 

How to Request Counseling
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